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Cast Steel Guitars
L&M Pickup
NIBro Magnets
Sand Casting
Theory & tech
Vibrato Samples
Slant Bar Practice

Some Theory and Tech Stuff


Here are some "Notes" that I wrote when I was trying to make sense of all this Steel Guitar Stuff ....


Number System & Basic Theory


Tuning Up via Just Intonation


Slantin' in Just Intonation


Slantin' Theory


The 2nd, 5th & 6th Just Intonation "Issue"


Church Modes in C6


Vibrato - Characteristics



Also some Technical stuff ....


Adjustin' the Non-Adjustable Ricky Pickups


Settin' the String Height on Ricky Pickups


String Tensions for C6/A7 Tunin'


Removing Fender Boxcar and/or Trap Magnets


Removing Ricky Horseshoes w/o Distrurbing the Wiring


Reinstalling Ricky Horseshoes after a Remag


NIBro Installation and Safety


Wiring Schemes for Rickys over the Years 


Noisy Prewar Bakelites


These are "RTF" files ... they will open on PCs or Macs .