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My Other Hawaiian Steels


'27 National Tricone


This Style 1 was made during the first year of production.



Late 40's Fender Dual Professional


This walnut "jewel" features both a "Trapazoidal" pickup and a "Boxcar".  A fascinating pickup design ...



Early 50's Magnetone


This is the original D8 ... before they assigned the "Lyric" name to them.  A mainstay steel from the "Hawaii Calls" era ...


Early 70's Fender Stringmaster


This ebony rascal was made at the "end of a era" ...



Mid 80's OMI Dobro


This dobro was made by the Original Musical Instrument Co. ... before Gibson bought the rights to the Dobro name ... It has recieved an upgrade from Paul Beard ...


'87 JB Frypan


This "modern" frypan is sportin' a set of my Hardened Steel Horseshoe Magnets ...  Modern Materials .... Prewar sound !!!



'99 Sierra Laptop 8


With the Horseshoe Magnet Pickup ....this is one fine sounding steel guitar.  These are my "Longfellow Magnets" ... extra long to compensate for the exaggerated string spacing on this 8 string beauty.  An adjustable mounting system was developed to utilize the existing 4 mounting screws. The only modification to the steel involved widenin' the pickguard to accomodate these 1 1/2" monsters.



2000 Superior Weissy


A very nice reproduction of the Weissenborn style Hawaiian guitar ...